Sunday, July 09, 2006

This is the custom ordered art for Devanshu if any one else wants one they can intimate me .
He wanted a dark and intimidating art form and the above i believe will be right as per his anticipation .

In the future:
Cost -[including print] INDIA- 500INR Abroad-20$


Prophet of Doom said...

thanx brother,
wat else do i say? this thing is brilliant. though i think the red or orange dunno which :( color makes it a bit odd, but dat adds to the fact dat u made it.

Eventhorizon said...

You're getting better and better at digi art bro, not bad!!! :) Keep it going and keep progressing!

Avrosh said...

Yeah! that's the way.....boy ur skills r brilliant at this so called digi art.....

Adding something more u've far more gr8 kills in Advertising...really...oh really i mean